Mission, Humanitarian & Community Work

Financial contributions are made within three areas; Mission, Community and Humanitarian works. We support Christian mission organisations that implement health, literacy and Bible translation programs in Australia and overseas. We join forces with accredited humanitarian aid agencies to help advance the quality of child education and improve health and wellbeing of underprivileged families around the world. Close to home, we contribute to programs that provide meals, coaching, counselling and mentoring support to disadvantaged groups in our local communities.

Watch our interviews with our legacy partners and see how a memory of a loved one lives on with a legacy.
Watch our interview with Wycliffe

Wycliffe Bible Translators

Hear from Wycliffe Bible Translator’s CEO who explains how Bethel has helped them achieve room to move and to do great things.

A Wycliffe project in South Asia links legacy funds to improve health and provide multilingual literacy training to aid the social development of a local community.

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Urban life
Watch our interview with Urban Life

Urban Life, Ringwood (Vic)

Hear from Urban Life’s Pastor. Their special focus on those facing, or enduring homelessness, helping with shelter, cooked dinners, shower trucks, support and prayer.

With Bethel’s help, Urban Life can continue to care for the disadvantaged in their community.

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She Rescue
Watch our interview with She Rescue

SHE Rescue (Cambodia)

Hear from SHE Rescue about how they are a safe haven for girls under 16 who have been trafficked, prostituted or are at risk.

Bethel are assisting the SHE Rescue Home to provide young girls in Cambodia with a safe and secure environment to be reintegrated back into the community and with family.

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Salvation Army
Watch our interview with The Salvos

Salvation Army, Carrum Downs & Western Port(Vic)

Hear from The Salvation Army staff who run a shop as well as food, youth and assistance programs that support the needs in their local community.

With Bethel’s support the Salvos have been able to re-establish and continue to run their community food program that provides food as well as promoting healthy eating and social inclusion.

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Gail Cameron
Watch our interview with Crossway LifeCare

Crossway LifeCare

Hear from Crossway LifeCare who focus on families and children in helping to break generational cycles of poverty and hardship throughout the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne.

Support from Bethel Funerals have assisted in keeping the wide range of Crossway LifeCare’s services going.

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Watch our interview with Compassion Australia

Compassion Australia

Hear from Compassion Australia who works to release children in developing countries from poverty.

With Bethel’s donations, Compassion is able to work towards transforming the lives of children.

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Other Services We Support

In order to help ease the financial hardship endured by families in Queensland, we support:

Logan House Fire Support Network

Logan House Fine Support Network works to provide immediate help to anyone devastated by a house fire across Logan. They strive to provide emergency accommodation, furnishing and much more. We work with the Logan House Fire Support Network in their endeavour to deliver immediate assistance to victims of house fires.

Rural Aid
Rural Aid (Qld) support rural communities with counselling programs aimed on reducing stress as well as the incidence of domestic violence, and suicide.