Graham Stuart Daff

31/10/1936 - 07/11/2017


One Community Church, 184 Surrey Road Blackburn North

Tuesday, 14 November, 2017 at 02:00 pm

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A Memorial Service to Celebrate the Life of Mr Graham Daff will be held at One Community Church 184 Surrey Road Blackburn on Tuesday 14th November 2017 at 2.00pm. A Private Cremation precedes this Service.

Dear Merrin , Andrew, Sarah,James, Margaret and the Daff family. Thinking of you today. Graeme displayed warmth, love and kindness. He and Margaret were a good team, thrashing a much younger David and I at tennis. (I didn't like that) and always inquired about the twins. Sending my love and sympathy, Fiona xx

Graham will always be remembered by me as a strong, caring and wonderful family man. To the entire extended family I was so saddened to hear of your loss and can only hope you too remember so many great things about him. Husband, father, Grandparent and friend, great at the all.

Dear Daff Family, It's at times like this that memories sneak out of my eyes and roll down my cheeks. So many fantastic memories, thank you all. Graybies, God bless your kind soul my friend. Derek

Thinking of you all today sending all our luv to your family. Xx

I met Graham when I first went to volunteer at the Sudanese Saturday School held at St Peters Anglican Church, Box Hill. Graham made me very welcome and involved me with his group of students so that I felt at home very quickly. I was impressed with the way that Graham related to the students of all ages, and by his enthusiasm and cheerfulness. He was very inventive in his lessons and always seemed to have another game or puzzle in his bag. Some such as Pigs were unusual but favourites of the students. I was also amazed by the range and depth of activites in which Graham participated. I was shocked to hear of his passing as he had seemed so full of life not so long ago. I will miss him very much but I have been inspired by him.

Condolences to the Daff family. What a wonderful man Graham was. I had the pleasure of volunteering with him for seven years at the Sudanese Saturday school . He was a favourite with the children, always giving piggy backs, coming up with songs to sing, and games to play. He was the grandfather they didn’t have. When he was absent on holidays the sessions were never quite the same. Graham you will always be thought of with a smile.

I first met Graham many years ago when I was working for Anglicare. Part of my role involved establishing a homework program for the Sudanese community in Box Hill. I advertised at our own church for volunteers and Graham was quick to sign up. Although my work situation changed, I would still see Graham at church regularly and see his face light up as he talked about what he had been up to with his Sudanese friends. I will miss his winning smile across the church foyer after the Sunday morning service. Our condolences go to Marg and the rest of the family and we wish you comfort at this time.

An extraordinary life : A message for us all…. Sometimes you meet people on this journey called life, Who take you quite by surprise And I’d have to say quite certainly so, that our dad Was one of those guys. With a smile of encouragement or the nod of his head, He’d seek a response from you, And in a flash, he’d strike up a chat and before long you had a friend that was new. Our dad was an extraordinary man with a particular view of life, He enjoyed all his sports, games and work, but never put them before his kids and wife.. (well, mostly never) With a quirky sense of humour and always finding ways to make fun, Dad set an example of how to face life, for both us daughters and his son. His love for his family was always expressed, never letting the chance go by To encourage, to teach, cuddle or hug, or just to take time…. …. To explain why. Let the beautiful memories endure for ever, Of storytelling, reminiscing as we gather together. Our camping trip holidays were always a happy event, As we slept together in the old family tent. Longer road trips, playing games of eye spy Or short journeys just to the beach house at Rye. Dad was a father who knew how to lead, how to care And his legacy today is that he taught us the joy of life was to share. So ….our dad loved everyone in the world you might say… Mmm quite honestly it was not always that way. As his passion for footy Collegians, Dons or Blacky United Would leave him questioning umpires decisions, quite incited. “You’ve got to be joking “we’d hear him yell at the box As we’d sit with our Saturday night soup and lamb chops. What a dilemma he faced as he was shocked to discover The new minister at Blacky, Ted Keating was an umpire lover! So as family and friends we gather today, I’ve thought hard about what dad would want me to say. Leaving us all here, he never wanted to do, But there is something more, which he deeply knew, With no fear of death but in his lord a belief This has given us all a great sense of relief. Dad’s life was extraordinary, he had not one regret And although with time, he began to forget, He never lost his love for this life His laugh, his smile, or his love for his wife. Bless you dad, You lovely man For the fun, the positives and for making us believe WE CAN !! Liz Bolton 14th November 2017.

To dear Margaret, Andrew, Liz and Janine and all of your extended family. Both Geoff and I send not only our deepest sympathies and condolences on Graham's passing but also feel so honoured and priviledged to have met and shared good times with such a generous and kind man. To have him mentor and coach us when we were young, and help us develop a lifelong love of cricket, is something we hold dear. We count him not only as a mentor, but as a true leader of men and a shining example of how to live a positive and full life and above all, he was a friend. We feel grateful that you shared him with us when we were young, and that we got to know you too as such a welcoming and loving family. Thankyou. We will always remember him.

Margaret, Andrew, Liz and Janine, our condolences from Tim and Juliette Keating. Graham was a very special part of our lives – for Tim the significant hours Graham devoted to coaching young boys in the love the game of cricket, not just the technical aspects but the way to truly be a good sportsmen and to develop into men – always with energy and enthusiasm. The many years of involvement and leadership in youth group played a big part in shaping our on going love for God and our active involvement in Church. Graham was a people’s person, always with a big smile, encouraging and warm he has shaped the lives of many. He will be truly missed. We have attached a photo of a special moment where Graham shared a speech at our wedding.