John Roper

John Roper

02/04/1950 - 08/08/2017


Bethel Funerals Chapel, 2d Cochrane Street Mitcham

Thursday, 17 August, 2017 at 02:00 pm

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God bless you John forever in our hearts May you rest in peace Sadly missed All our love Carole David Nicholas Hugo Lily Lisa & Rachel xxxxxxx

God Bless you John, may you rest in peace. You will always be in our hearts. Love always Mario, Andrea, Corinna and Valentino.?<3?

Dear John, My you rest in peace. Your passing has devastated your family and friends. You will be sadly missed, but you were well loved. Our love and support will continue. Nicole is a well loved friend and colleague, we share the sadness with her at this difficult moment. God bless you.

A person that departs from this earth never truly leaves, for they are still alive in our hearts and minds, through us, they live on and how could we forget such a loving father and husband .Please accept our condolences, uncle john will not be forgotten. May God give you the comfort and peace that you seek and may the soul of your loved one rest in peace. Much love at this time Lisa and rachel mayhew-edwards xx

Nicole always referred to her hubby in loving terms, I send her and her family my condolences on their loss. It must have been wonderful to spend a lifetime with him and share many happy times; may these memories sustain her in the days ahead. Anne Raymond – friend and colleague of Nicole

My deepest sympathies to you & your daughter on the loss of John.

Dear Nicole, our deepest sympathies go out to you and your family. We offer you our thoughts, prayers and well-wishes during this sad time. We are here for you.

Rest in peace John back in the loving arms of Harold & Gladies. Our heartfelt condolences to you Nicole & Michelle. Love Ann Pete & Liam.(Birmingham)

My Dearest Dad There is an emptiness in my heart that can’t, at this moment, be filled without you in it. I know there are so many people hurting and grieving for you now. I am hurting as of course are Mum, Carole and Michael. Plus so many, many others including your friends Margie and Bill. Your fur baby Ebony is missing her human Dad. We will all take care of each other and once this raw time of sadness passes we will be able to focus on celebrating you and laughing and reminiscing about you. I hope you are in Heaven and with those that have passed on. I hope they are all caring for you and that you are happy and at peace. At the last stages of your life I wished for you to be without pain and suffering. I hope now that is all gone, I hope you are happy and looking down on all of us. We will see you soon in our own times of passing. Thank you for being the best Dad a girl could ever wish for. When I think of you, and how I will forever remember you, is of a person who was unbelievably generous and kind. You showed such an abundance of kindness to your family, your fur babies and even to strangers who were in need. You loved my Mum, you loved me, and you welcomed Michael into our family. We all miss you so much. But I will talk about how good a Dad you were to me. You and Mum were a pair that took care of me. Growing up I never asked for anything. I had love, all the toys a kid could ever ask for, education, good food. All because you both provided so well. I think at times you both may have done things tough but you sure didn’t let me see or experience that side of life. Champion parents. Thank you Dad for bringing our family to live in Australia. It was a loving and caring act. I am so happy, thanks to your judgements, to have a happy life in Australia and living the dream. Thank you! Thank you for always being so proud of me. I never thought too much about graduating from University but it meant something to you and Mum. Now I treasure that too. I know when I married Michael you were so happy on the day. (I can’t help myself here but.. was that happy look on your face, in the wedding photos, to do with the fact that you finally got me married off? .. ha ha I’m just joking; I know you and Mum were happy to see me and Michael together. It was a wonderful day, a wonderful time and it was in your favourite place, Gold Coast Crown Plaza. Dad, I have to mention your sense of humour here. Gosh you made us laugh. People mention I’m funny; I like to think that I got that from you (and Mum, who is a bit hilarious herself). Once the pain has passed we are going to be laughing along at all your comments and anecdotes. “Stroll On” and “Fish for Sale” are two favourites that we’ll be quoting forever. Also, it’s amusing to me how you moved to the other side of the world from the UK to Australia, 28 years ago, and were still watching Emmerdale Farm, Coronation Street, Doc Martin, UK Masterchef and your favourite of all- UK Chase with Bradley Walsh, every night. You had your rituals which we loved and will still abide by, I’m sure Dad. I have to mention your football team West Bromwich Albion. They will come good for you and win the premiership. We will cheer on your behalf. Dad I love you. I always will. There is so much to say that I don’t know right now how to fit into this. There’s so much I didn’t get to talk to you about in person. So much I regret in ways. I regret at times when you gave me advice and I didn’t listen. I’m sorry. We will talk to you all the time, and if you are able please show some sign that you are around us. Please know that throughout your 67 years you touched so many lives. You helped and were such a good friend to so many. In some ways I don’t think you know how many people’s lives you touched and affected. How much you mattered. So many will miss you being in this world. Especially me. I love you Dad God please take of this wonderful precious man Your loving Daughter Michelle YOU RAISE ME UP SO I CAN STAND ON MOUNTAINS YOU RAISE ME UP TO WALK ON STORMY SEAS I AM STRONG WHEN I AM ON YOUR SHOULDERS YOU RAISE ME UP TO ALL THAT I CAN BE

My Darling John, From the 1st time I saw you I knew that we were destined to spend the rest of our lives together, shame about the sceptic hey, we proved them wrong. How do you cram 42 ½ years with a few words, you can’t. I have so much wonderful memories, like the morning of 22nd Dec 1975 when our daughter was born. You always said that was the happiest day of your life, you said you could have run all the way from the Good Hope Hospital in Sutton Coldfield to Erdington shouting at the top of your voice that you are the proud dad of a beautiful daughter. I was not at home when we received the letter from the Australian High Commissioner granting us visas to migrate to Australia, but you never tire of telling me how you kissed the ground on reading that letter. And I believed you. Our life in Australia has been truly amazing. Although we only arrived with 3 suitcases way back in 1989, our achievements have been beyond expectation. Selfless as usual, the only reason you wanted to migrate to Australia was if something should happen to you Michelle and I will not be on our own. I will always remember the first time I took you to Broad Beach on the Gold Coast. I took you for a 100 metre walk and told you to close your eyes while I showed you that white sandy beach, you were awestruck, never seen such beauty. You always loved that place, been there countless of times since. You always said that when you were lying on that beach, you feel so peaceful and you do not have a care in the world. You had a real zest for life. You were a very funny, extremely kind, generous and compassionate individual who was always putting other people first. You had a knack of bringing people together. The day our daughter graduated from Melbourne University was another one of those happiest days of your life. And how can we forget how proud you were when you walked her down the aisle on the Gold Coast, our favourite place. You loved travelling and exploring new places, unfortunately we visited Perth too late in life as we both loved the place so much, had we gone there 20 years earlier, we would have relocated there. The memory of you walking above Wave Rock in March this year (for our 42nd Wedding Anniversary) will stay with me forever. You were so happy, as you so wanted to visit Wave Rock; it was on your bucket list. You will always be my one and only. There will never be another you. I miss you tremendously. You do not realise how deep a hole you have left in my life. Michelle and I will take it one day at a time and be there for one another. We have a wonderful daughter. I am forever grateful for the wonderful life we have shared together, would not have wanted to share it with any other person. I am glad that you are no longer suffering. May you Rest In Peace my darling husband and God Bless you always. Till we meet again your loving wife, Nicole.

Dear Nicole & Michelle We are all so saddened to hear about your loss, the Roper family are all feeling the pain here in the UK and thinking of you all I would have loved to have got to know John more but reading Michael's tribute below I feel as though I did, he had all the classic Roper traits God bless John from your cousins in the UK xxxxxxxxxxx

So shocked to hear about the loss of cousin John, as Luke has stated we are all deeply saddened here in England despite the fact we saw little of him he was always a positive talking point when we visited Carole, Dave and Margaret. My Mom (Aunty Joan) has added that she recalls our Dad (big John Roper) take Little John as he was lovingly known on a fishing trip. Little John was invited along with our other cousin Michael Taylor. My Dad was a very good fisherman and quite seriously hooked in the sport, but his plans for a good days fishing was hampered by separating Little John and Michael who were constantly rowing and fighting on the bank. Aunty Joan always laughed about the impression the two youngsters left in her mind and how the story was told on Dad's return. Little John reminds me so much of Uncle Harold's features and hope they're all catching up now in happier days. God Bless Nicole and family in Oz our thoughts are with you and hope the funeral went well. Much Love Andy, Julie and kids and Aunty Joan xx

My lasting memory of John is when as children we went on holiday to Blackpool with most of the family. John used to make a knee for me to sit on by the laughing clown (it may have been a policeman), he would put his hand up the back of my jumper like a ventriloquist and I would mimic the the clown. We would draw quite a crown with our laughter. Happy days. RIP mate Mike, Ann and Susan Taylor

John Roper, quiet and independent but very helpful if needed. Genuine neighbour who will certainly be missed.

Dearest Nicole and Michelle, We are deeply saddened by the loss of your Husband/Dad, John. He will be truly missed and we will include him in our daily prayers. with sympathy, Florise, Gilbert, Kersley and Katharina and from all the family. xx

To Nicole and Michelle We are saddened to hear of your loss. We send you love and prayers during this sorrowful time. Love Francesse, Luke, Jerri Lee, Levi, Nigel, Agnes, Kaleb, Corinne, Jason, Brianna, Tayissa & Sienna xxox

Just wanted to let you know that we are thinking about you today (you are in our thoughts and prayers always, but today is special) as it is your birthday. I remember this time last year, we had just got back from Western Australia and you were looking forward to celebrating your birthday with Michelle and Michael. We talk about you all the time. I hope and pray that you are happy and at peace, may you Rest In Peace my darling. Everyday I look at your picture and still can't believe that what has happened. You will always be remembered for the wonderful husband and father that you were. Love you always, Nicole

Happy Birthday Dad Today you would have turned 68 years old. I miss you and today has been a sad day for me as I still miss you. Hope wherever you are now is a wonderful place. There are people here missing the amazing man that you were.

God Bless you John on your Birthday and always my little Brother With love Rest in Peace Carole David Nicholas Hugo Lily Lisa Rachel X. X. X. X. X. X. X

Dear John one year has passed I have so many wonderful memories of our childhood together and am so happy that you had a loving family Nicole Michelle and Michael and an amazing life in Australia.You will always be in my thoughts and prayers. God Bless you John Love Carole Xx David Nicholas Hugo Lily Lisa Rachel

I love you. I cannot believe it has been a year since you left us. Life seems very empty and we struggle without you around. Take care of Mum and Ebony. Take care of your big sister Carole. And look out for me and Michael. We all love and miss you, hope you are in a good place looking down on us all Miss my Dad

Dear Dad, I love you. I cannot believe it has been a year since you left us. Life seems very empty and we struggle without you around. Take care of Mum and Ebony. Take care of your big sister Carole. And look out for me and Michael. We all love and miss you, hope you are in a good place looking down on us all Miss my Dad

My Darling John, I can't believe that it is 12 months ago that you were so cruelly taken away from us. we miss you so much, there is not a day that goes by without me not thinking or talking about you. I go to the supermarket and lo and behold an Eagles song comes on (as they always do) and I am a blubbery mess it always catches me out like that. Anyway my sweetheart hope you are happy and at peace where you are. Look after our wonderful daughter as she misses you so much. Love you so much and misses you always. Forever in my heart and prayers. Rest in Peace My Wonderful husband. Till we meet again, Nicole

I love you Dad always xxxxxxxxxxxxx

You will be forever in our thoughts and prayers. Love you always. Nicolexxxxxxxxxxxxx

Happy birthday my darling. Just sitting here watching your favourite video of the Eagles. Miss you so much. Rest in Peace my love. You are always in our thoughts and prayers. Love Nicole xxxxxxxxx

God Bless you John on your birthday and always Love Carole David Nicholas Hugo Lily Lisa Rachel Xxxxxxx

God Bless you John on your birthday and always Love Carole David Nicholas Hugo Lily Lisa Rachel Xxxxxxx

Love you Dad

2 years ago you were so cruelly taken away from us, we love and miss you every single day. Rest in Peace my darling Love you always, Nicole xxxxx

Love you Dad RIP. Never gets easier when you not around but know you are in a better place and not suffering anymore. Thanks for being a great Dad, wish you were still around. Your family miss you very much. xxxxxxxxxxxx

Rest in peace John Always in our thoughts God Bless you Love Carol David Lisa Rachel Nicholas Hugo Lily xxxxxxx

Dear John Remembering you on your Birthday always in our thoughts God bless you All our love Carole David Nicholas Hugo Lily Lisa Rachel and Kailani Xxxxxxxx

Happy 70th Birthday darling. We all still miss you everyday. There are so many changes happening at the moments, glad you are not around to see them as you would not like them at all. You are in a better place, Rest In Peace and know that we all love and miss you dearly. Happy 70th Birthday John Roper All my love Nicole & Ebony

Dear Dad, Today would have been your 70th Birthday, hope where you are now you are happy and at peace. Its not a nice world right now so in a way glad you are not here to suffer it anymore. Miss you everyday. Hope you happy. Love always Michelle xxxxx

Dear John, Happy birthday on your 70th. Miss you very much. The world is not the same without you. Thank you again for being the most generous and loveable father-in-law any person could have. You will always be the only real father I've ever had, which was why I cried so much at your funeral. You gave me the best wife, your amazing daughter, a superstar, and that's what you, too, are - a true superstar. I will never forget the wonderful times we all had together as a family of four. I didn't know you for long, but what you mean to me and Nic and Michy is infinite. Love you forever, mate.

Thinking of you today John on your Anniversary You would be pleased that your team West Brom have won promotion for next season. God Bless you John today and always Love Carole David Nicholas Hugo Lily Lisa Rachel Kailani xxxxxxxx

Dearest John, Can't believe is it 3 years already that you were taken from us. Rest in Peace my darling as the world had changed so much over the last few months, you are in a much better place away from all this chaos. We love and miss you always. All my love Nicole

Dear Dad, I love and miss you always. No matter how many years pass by it never changes and the words to say I miss you don't change. I truly hope and believe where you are now is a happy loving safe place. You are always in my heart and mind. Thank you for being near and continuing to look over those you love and who loved you. Take care Dad xxxxxxxxxxxxx Michelle