Matthew Nathan “Matt” Bastin

Matthew Nathan “Matt” Bastin

13/11/1961 - 08/06/2018


Eltham Presbyterian Church, 23 Batman Road Eltham

Friday, 15 June, 2018 at 02:00 pm

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Dear Lyn I’m very sorry to hear about the passing of Mathew. Sharon just told me. I will remember you and your son in my prayers. I hope everything goes well next Friday. Will be thinking of you. Love , Rohini

Matt, my beautiful brother, I miss you already, but I remember all the fabulous, humorous, crazy, and yet dedicated stuff that you did, and that was really a part of who you were. I loved your humour but one of your gems of in my mind (this one with a meteorological bent): "The weather forecast for Temora is much the same as for Yass today". Love you Matt.

Matt, I remember very fondly our days at school and uni, where we could be a bit carefree and crazy sometimes. You were always your own man, followed your own direction and were comfortable in your own skin. I think you made the right decision switching from teaching to BoM and I'm sure they were richer because of it. Congratulations mate on the beautiful legacy you left behind, a beautiful family who loved you and friends who cared deeply for you. Our prayers are with you and those you loved. Love Pieter

My condolences to Lyn, Tim and all of Matt's family. Matt was a long-serving Bureau colleague and friend to many of us. He retired in mid-2017 after a terrific service to Climate Information Services in particular. I'll remember Matt for his dedication, flexibility, willingness to support and good humour (and being one of a very small number to laugh at my jokes). I'll also remember the wonderful support he got from his friends and colleagues while he was battling his illness. Very best wishes, Neil

I was a friend, and once a manager to Matt. I will remember him for his good humour and willingness to undertake a range of different roles in the climate data area. He was popular, and I think many were sad to see him retire; it's a pity he didn't have more time and health to enjoy it. My sincere condolences to Matt's family and friends. - Bill

Matt was a beautiful colleague with warm, gentle, supportive & humble character. We will miss him greatly. May God's comfort be with the family I sincerely pray.

I worked with Matt for three years in the Bureau of Meteorology's Sydney office, and then used to run into him from time to time in Melbourne. Matt was always friendly, softly spoken, and up for a joke. I saw that he'd retired last year but didn't know he was unwell until news of his death was shared at work. He'll always be part of my happy memories at work. My condolences to his family

I'm very sorry to hear of our loss of Matt. At BOM he was kind, helpful, a bit quirky, always with some humourous tongue-in-cheek comment for most meetings or tasks. My condolences to his family. He will be missed. x

Dear Lyn, Tim and family, I knew Matt from his time at IPS Radio and Space Services in Chatswood. We were all young and carefree and Matt was about to marry his much loved Lyn who was just starting out on her career in law. He was a gentle, feeling soul and I always enjoyed his company. My sincere condolences to you.

It is not often that you get to describe a work colleague as kind, gentle and really lovely person but that was how I thought of Matthew. Although I did not work directly with him at the BOM, he was often situated near the Data Quality Control Unit records management team and he always would sidle into our cubicle and tell us one of his what we termed 'Dad" jokes. Always smiling, never had a bad word for anyone (or if he did, he was too polite to voice it). He made us laugh and was a really sincere guy. The light in the world is just a little dimmer now that he is no longer with us. He will be greatly missed by all his work colleagues and friends. To Lyn and Tim and Simon and Rebekah, I am deeply sorry for your loss.

Please accept my condolence. I share your grief. Matt was a great person to work with. I very much like his pleasant way of working with people. I wish him eternal peace.

Lyn, Tim, Mr Bastin (Don), Bec, Simon, David and family. I am very sorry to hear about Matt. He was a great friend since year 7 high school, through university at UNSW - including a stint together in the army reserves. I loved going to Waterfall Ave with Matt and joining in with the Bastin clan and I know where Matt got his sense of humour, intelligence, integrity and quiet resolve - although he was a demon on the ice hockey rink playing ice hockey at Prince Alfred Park and got sent off regularly. He was a top bloke and I'll sorely miss him. Lyn and Tim - Sharon and I are thinking of you. We ended up together due to you and Matt tieing the knot and through your friendships at Macquarie Uni. Love Steve and Sharon. I'll post a couple of photos from earlier days.

Photo Dec 10 1982 Matt, Steve O'D, Piet Lindhout, Brett Selby

I had the pleasure of working with Matt at the Bureau since 2014. I will always remember the kindness he showed others and his highly entertaining sense of humour, which always had someone in the room laughing. Lyn - my partner Ian and I met you at the Surf Coast Century run in Anglesea in 2016, Matt was there supporting you and we are both very saddened by his passing. Our sympathies are with you. Xx.

Lyn, Tim and Matt's extended family - my heartfelt condolences. I take comfort in knowing that your strength and the support around you will help you in these times of grief. Matt - I was proud to call you a mate, and will always remember the times we had together. RIP gentle man, but if even now you can't stay still then carve some runs down the heavenly trails. One day I'll meet you at the bottom and you can blaze the way again.

Dear Lyn, Tim and Matt's extended family, I was greatly saddened to hear of Matt's passing. Matt was a member of our team (Climate Liaison) for a number of years, and whilst we weren't in the same office (I'm in Canberra), he was always a pleasure to work with. I enjoyed catching up with Matt in person whenever possible, he was always great company and his quirky sense of humour resonated with my own. A lovely guy and a truly good man - my deepest sympathy to his loved ones for your loss.