Nan Roberts

06/11/1921 - 05/06/2017


Holy Trinity Anglican Church Doncaster, Cnr Church and Doncaster Roads Doncaster

Friday, 09 June, 2017 at 01:30 pm

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ROBERTS Nan (Nancy) 6.11.1921 - 5.6.2017 Passed away after a good innings of 95 years Devoted wife of Alan (died in 2002). Loving mother of Jane and mother in law to Tracy. Granny to Tim, Ryan, Lochlan and Rachel. Many thanks to the loving care provided to Nan by the Melaleuca Lodge, Doncaster.

As grandchildren, we probably have a different perspective on Nan's life. Nan and Pa were devoted grandparents to us from the start. They took care of us regularly as small children. Being three energetic and destructive boys this was perhaps a much larger task than we ever realised at the time. It's hard to think of a bigger disruption to their otherwise organised and orderly lifestyle than the three of us. Yet week after week they would take us back, show us love and spoil us with treats and activities, no doubt they loved having us around as much as we enjoyed being there. Days spend at Nan's house were always full of happiness and excitement, from inflatable backyard pools, to learning to ride bicycles or wasting hours playing video game consoles Nan and Pa really did make sure we were the luckiest kids around. Nan was at times the less vocal grandparent but this didn't stop her kindness and love showing through. I clearly remember her compassionate side cutting us some slack when Grandpa was being, justifiably sticky with us. Whether it was sneaking us an extra teddy bear biscuit, telling Grampa that is wasn’t out fault or cheering us up with her kindness. She was an excellent cook, would knit us jumpers and always keep Magnum ice-creams at the bottom of the freezer, an unlimited supply it seemed. Lochlan had a particular like for her cupcakes with cartoon character icing, Tim was a fan of her Lamb and mint Jelly where as I always loved her Yorkshire puddings. As the years went on and we started school and moved to Warragul, Nan and Grandpa would often drive to Warragul and stay with us over the weekends. Nan has a particular soft spot for our cheeky dog Danny, she enjoyed the trips to Warragul and was always there for us, she supported us with school supplies, sports equipment, money for trips and allowed for me to get braces and expensive dental work. Although our lives became busy Nan never stopped being there in the background. I'm glad we got to see Nan more when she moved to Templestowe. Even more, I am glad for the times I would visit in the nursing home and we could talk one on one. It was here where I got to know her a bit better beyond her role as a grandparent. After Nan moved into the lodge and her eyesight deteriorated, it didn’t stop new cherished memories being created. For Lochlan it would be yelling out crossword clues for Nan to regularly regularly ace 7,8 or even 9 letter words. Visits to her were sure to bring offers of more tea and biscuits, and she loved keeping up with the cricket or tennis on the radio. You could watch a tennis match on the telly, and Nan would be able to recount the match after having only listened to it on the radio as if she had watched it with the family. Similarly, Nan would keep up to date with the football scores and keenly discuss the results with Ryan and Tim. We’ve all been fortunate to have such a loving grandparent present throughout our lives for so many years, from children to adults. Nan, I am sad your time has come to an end, I would have liked more time to get to know you and repay you for the care and kindness you have shown us. You have contributed to all of our development, you are family and a part of us so it is hard to say goodbye. I just hope this represents some peace and relaxation from all the difficulties old age has dealt you. It’s been personally touching seeing the relationship mum has had with Nan over the last few years. Jane's shown so much love and care and that’s something which Nan has needed in the twilight of her life and an example for all of us how important the family bond is.

My enduring memory of Nan is a lovely gently lady with a beautifully spoken voice. I loved her sharp wit and intelligence. We also nearly shared the same name, she was Nan and I am Ann and we both had the same surname, Roberts. We also loved the name Jane which she gave to her wonderful daughter and I gave to my daughter Emily as her middle name. Will never forget this lovely lady.