Owen Taylor Scott

12/07/1925 - 28/04/2018


Oxley Uniting Church, 114 Oxley Station Road Oxley

Wednesday, 02 May, 2018 at 11:00 am

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Our love for you will last as long as we breathe Dad and our memories will sustain us through the years ahead. Thankyou for your love, guidance and courage. God bless.

An uncle above the rest. Cherished memories of the times that we had together although so far apart. Will always be remembered. My thoughts with Aunt Jean and my Aussie cousins. With love always. David

Hi folks or gid diy mates. This is most difficult for me . I was greatly saddened to leard of uncle Owens passing. When i was out there all those years ago I was shown so much care love as one of the family. Nothing was to much trouble to ensure that I had a most memorable visit. Owen was a very special person who was of an age sadley almost lost in todays world. Where family good manners morality and going to church had real meaning. In Ireland we had a comic called Jimmy Young who often said the trouble with Ireland was we had to many christians and not enough christianity. Well Owen was one who over flowed with christianity. This showed in his every action and was a true model of how we all should live by our attitude and actions. I grieve for his passing and send all my love to the old chook!! Who is also from a special breed..from the old co.down. I write this through falling tears that I Can barely see.Farewell to a very special man and Uncle who will be sorely missed by all who knew him.. Alan Smyth . N.Ireland.

I have the privilege to be part of this family by marriage.. I met Uncle Owen for the first time when he and Aunt Jean came on holiday to N. Ireland. Then again when we were on holiday to Aus. While there we had a day out with the seniors club. We had a wonderful day. On arriving back home the bus was filled with singing led by Uncle Owen "Till we meet again." A true Gentleman and I look forward to the "Time we meet again" Love Frances

I just want to pass on my deepest sympathies to my Australian family on the loss of your very dear husband, father, grandfather, father in law, and to me a very special uncle. My first encounter with him when I was very young and at my nanny and Papas house at Ballycastle both him and Auntie Jean we’re over visiting, and he gave me an ornament with Kola bears made out of shells. This gift made me feel like a very special little girl indeed and I treasured it greatly <3... I never seen him again until I did my overseas traveling in 1999/2000 when after a year and a half of backpacking I finished of my journey in the comfort of their home with Uncle Owen and Auntie Jean. There he was, to me not changed a bit at the airport to pick me up. I was totally at home, in their home, they treated me with absolute kindness and generosity and made to feel so very special. Even though it had been over 20 years since I seen him last, I didn’t feel awkward, or a stranger imposing, I was made to feel I was at home (lifted and laid really!) I’m so glad I was able to get to see him again, and the rest of my family. A special place will always be held in my heart for him. Love to you all <3

Uncle Owen was our father's "wee brither". This is how he signed the many letters we received from him over the years. Usually they were airmail letters but when an envelope arrived we were excited as we knew there would be photos inside, all meticulously labelled. We felt as if we knew our cousins very well. It was a great way to keep in touch. We were delighted when he and Aunt Jean "came home" for the first time in 1993 and we were able to spend time with them and thank them for all the birthday cards which we continue to receive. We will miss him very much. Love Margaret and Anne