Robert Richard Knie

Robert Richard Knie

21/04/1915 - 21/01/2016


Beenleigh Cemetery, 31 Brigade Drive, Eagleby QLD

Monday, 25 January, 2016 at 02:30 pm

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My buddy Bobby walked into my life at 97years old and left today a few short months shy of 101 - he was the cutest German gentleman I know . Many will miss Bob , he had so many girlfriends at Bethany but we are so glad he gets to go to Gladys - his true love .

It has been a joy and delight to know Bob and assist in his care over the past 12 months at Bethany. Despite his 100 years he still had a pretty sharp mind and delightful sense of humor that often made me laugh. He was always full of gratitude and rarely grumbled about anything. A true gem who was loved by many.

To Bob's family it was a pleasure knowing Bob the time spend caring for him was a pleasure. I am glad I had that opportunity for Bob touching everyone he spoke to.

I found Bob lovable. Adieu Bob

I found Bob lovable. Adieu Bob

It was a privilege and a pleasure to share stories and many cups of coffee with Bob and his family during his time at Bethany. God Bless

Goodbye to Bob - our friend for many years. Even before meeting Bob my family had a connection with Bob as he was a builder for the Lutheran mission in New Guinea, leaving just prior to my father's arrival at the mission in 1958 - my dad was a builder too. I was privileged to meet Bob and Gladys and their children in the late 1960s when I attended the Lutheran church in Nundah. They welcomed me with love and hospitality and graciously took me in as a boarder in their Wooloowin home when I was in need of a home and friendship, trying to establish myself as a recent import from the USA. They treated me as family and I so appreciated the warmth and generosity of their hearts in extending their home to me - they became Dad and Mum Knie to me. When Rob came into my life they opened their hearts to him too. Bob gave me away at our wedding and Gladys organised the reception with the church ladies. We moved away for years but kept in touch with them and have continued to see Paul and family here in Toowoomba often. We grieved with Bob and Lynette, Paul and Heidi when Gladys died and Bob faced up to life without his beloved Glady. Bob was always interested in a wide variety of things and Rob and he shared many interests and discussions. Bob didn't let his deafness prevent him from learning more about his world and being a generous and loyal friend. Thank you Bob and rest in peace with Glady. Sally and Rob Laurent

God be with your family as you recall the many blessings and joy you received during his amazing lifetime. I only got to know Bob & Gladys after we left NG but it was always a pleasure to be in their company. Rita J

What a privilege to have met, known and cared for this man and his family. A marvellous man. He will always be remembered with fondness and love.

It was my privilege to get to know Bob and Gladys and their children. My parents in South Australia went to be with the Lord at an early age, so after I returned from New Guinea in 1967, I went to live in Brisbane. As I only lived up the hill from them at Wooloowin, they took me to church at Nundah and welcomed me into their home with love and hospitality. Their love and friendship meant a lot to me. Even after my marriage to Rob in 1969, they warmly welcomed us on our occasional visits from Murgon.

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