Ronald Stanley “Ron” Knoll

Ronald Stanley “Ron” Knoll

08/09/1926 - 22/06/2017


Discovery Church, 89 Monbulk Road Mt Evelyn

Friday, 30 June, 2017 at 02:00 pm

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Knoll - Ronald Stanley (Ron) Passed away on Thursday 22nd June 2017 at Emerald Victoria aged 90. Loved husband of Laurel May 1950 - 1990 (Dec), and Marguerite Jeanette 2000 - 2015 (Dec). Honoured father of Melvyn, Wayne, Lynette, Daryl, Russell, Leighton, Craig and Quenten. Much loved Grandad to 25 Grandchildren, and 20 Great Grandchildren. To live is Christ, to die is gain. A Service to Celebrate the Life of Ronald Stanley Knoll will be held at Discovery Church, 89 Monbulk Road, Mt Evelyn on Friday (June 30, 2017) commencing at 2pm. A Graveside Service will be held prior at Emerald Cemetery at 11.30am for family and close friends.

Red Dirt Ron Born and bred in the red dirt hills of blazing sun and frost-bite chills. A wiry kid, just one more brother a farmer Dad and a frail mother. In a clearing pioneering era where the work was tough and the cost was dearer he learned and worked with pen, and axe to read, and toil along bush tracks. Born and bred in the red dirt hills no stately home no fancy frills. Huddled round a hearth and fire then-to frosty bedroom air retire. Spuds and veg the staple food with meat, the welcome interlude. Rabbit stew, or cheap butcher cuts or have some tripe, if you’ve got the guts! Born and bred in the red dirt hills deer hound bounds to hunt until the rifle cracks and young stag falls, some trophy antlers for the lounge room wall. But best of all the pile of meat now like ‘Red Dirt Kings’ we’ll eat. Then back to peasant tasks return there’s fields to plough and milk to churn Born and bred in the red dirt hills the horse plough grabs, it jerks it spills. A thirteen-year-old holds on tight A workman now, his fight, his plight. So hungry that his stomach cramps but doggedly on and on he tramps till paddock is ploughed and rows are done. Guess the city boys are having fun! Born and bred in the red dirt hills boysenberries with thorns that kill Youngberries make your hands turn red, but at least you’re standing up instead of picking strawberries with bended back that many a picker cannot hack. But I’ll race them all, up every row Who’s champion picker? Well I know! Born and bred in the red dirt hills the new Grey Fergie tractor thrills. Industrial revolutionary force “Be gone now Windsor, you half dead horse!” Oh! the power, the hoist, the gears! what I do now, once took me years. No faction with this tractor action just paddock loads of gripping traction! Born and bred in the red dirt hills wife and kids and battle of wills. Mouths to feed and work to do “Get them out here helping too!” Clear more land and grow more crops, hope this reproduction stops Eight is enough, I’m tired and worn but I’ll call them home with my bullock horn. Born and bred in the red dirt hills still paying those taxation bills. I’m getting old yet the farm still calls, can’t stand being couped up in these walls. Outlived my wife and then another it’s confusing now and you know I’d rather be outside where its green and nice My God! There’s red dirt here, in paradise. Russell Knoll

Grandad Ronald Knoll with 5 of his Grandchildren Michael, Heidi, Luke, Graeme & Caleb with ther Dad Russell

Dad's Red Dirt World. Dandenong Ranges east of Silvan Dam