Ronald Leonard Saunders

Ronald Leonard Saunders

07/08/1930 - 10/11/2021


ONLINE SERVICE, This funeral will be webcast, starting 5 minutes prior to service start time on

Monday, 22 November, 2021 at 11:45 am

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Sincere condolences to the Saunders family for the loss of your precious husband/dad/grand-dad. A gap that is never filled; memories are left to share & cherish. Our love & best wishes to you all at this difficult time xxx

I am so sorry to hear of the passing of my lovely cousin , thinking of all his fantastic family and especially of dear liz , I have such memories of Ron from the 1950 onward , sending all my love to all the family

Our thoughts and hugs are with you all at this difficult time. He will be sadly missed of course but Ron has left his legacy in so many beautiful ways. I think of how he used to tinker away in his garage fixing things and think of him every morning I pour myself a cup of tea (he fixed our kettle!) Our love to Liz, Ruth, Anne, Kay and Jane, partners, grandchildren and extended family XX

Dear Liz, Kay, Ruth, Anne, Jane and families, we were so sorry to hear of the recent passing of Ron. I vividly remember the kindness Ron and Liz showed to me when I first came to Australia and visited the family in Canberra back in 1989. Since our move to Australia in 2009, it has been wonderful to reconnect with our Australian family. Ron will be sorely missed. Our love and prayers to you all.

Dear Elizabeth, So sorry to hear the sad news about Ron. We have very happy memories of our time with you both, when you “rescued us” at very short notice when we couldn’t stay with our friends any longer. We especially remember how helpful Ron was in giving us information when we went to Canberra. We enjoyed sampling Ron’s Anzac biscuits as well! We’re thinking of you and the whole family. With deepest sympathy and love from Janet and Mavis

Our deepest condolences to Liz, the girls and grandchildren from the Saunders family in Brisbane, on behalf of myself , Glenys, the girls and the grandkids, and especially Dorothy. As Ron's eldest nephew, I was graced with his name as my middle one. My earliest recollections of Uncle Ron was when I was about 3, when the Shell oil tanker he was an engineer on docked in Brisbane. A chinese crewman carried me on board, with Ron at the head of the gangway resplendent in his officers whites and peaked cap. After 69 years the memory still remains. After that he went to England to study, and his first trip back to Camp Hill was on the new Boeing 707, For years after, every time a 707 flew over Camp Hill, his mum would comment "there's the Boeing" a big event for a mother born in 1899 remembering the time her son came home from her home country. The visits in later years, with Liz and the girls, was always a big event for the Brisbane clan and was much looked forward to. Both brothers, having the same practical expertise, would spend hours talking things mechanical and in later years, steam. Our family was always welcomed with over whelming hospitality on our often rare visits to Canberra and then Melbourne, I could keep rambling on, but I know Anne and her sisters will have the family history well in hand. Again our thoughts are with you all, and I know all will go well on the day. We will be tuned in. With deepest sympathy Trev, Glen, Kel and Mel, Quinn, Paige and especially Dot

As mentioned in Trevor’s tribute

  It is said that to know a person one must break bread with the person. I broke bread with Ron many hundreds of times and I consider him a true and trusted Friend,  the sort that would still be standing by you when everyone else had  departed.                                 Regards Lloyd

38 years of fond memories, most of these as my Father in law. From the ripe age of 17 when I spent all those evenings with you in Canberra tinkering on my frequently broken down Celica (you called the silly car) to living around the corner and watching your Grandkids grow up in Rosanna. You had a real engineers mind with the ability to comprehend the inner workings and requirements to reconstruct or repair. It didn't really matter if this related to a car part, tool or kitchen appliance. You showed me great patience and understanding along the way and were always happy to lend a hand. I'll miss you and your cooked bread!

Very sad to hear the news of Ron. My Dad worked with Ron in Melbourne in the 70s when Dad was Shipping Master and Ron one of the surveying team. Ironically, I moved to Canberra and worked with Ron in the Dept of Transport and AMSA for many years. He was a true gentleman and cooperative even though, from my administrative role, we put many demands on him with short turnarounds. Ron was never one to complain and just got on with it. Dad used to speak very highly of Ron and I can only echo his sentiments. Salt of the earth gentleman. A pleasure to have known and worked with you Ron. RIP.

Ron was a much loved Brother in Law. I send special love and sympathy to dear Elizabeth Anne Jane Kay Ruth and all your families .We the Doncaster Welch’s have so many happy memories of dear Ron on our many trips He has been a wonderful Uncle to all our family and will be missed so much .We give thanks for his long life he was an inspiration to us all Much love and sympathy.Janet

Our wonderful Uncle and great uncle Ron So many happy memories starting as a little girl having the highest shoulder rides, having trips on the steam boat in Canberra and looking at my flight in detail as uncle Ron would always track your flight meticulously! He has hosted us many times over the years - as an eighteen year old, to our family, Esme as she travelled in Australia and latterly with my twin sister. Always with good humour and patience. An amazing role model and we will all miss him dearly. Sending lots of love to you all x x x

Dear Mrs Saunders, Anne, Jane, Kay, Ruth and families. My deepest sympathy at the passing of your precious husband and father. I have many fond memories of his lovely smile, care, wit and wealth of knowledge. May the wonderful legacy that he has created in your family and your shared memories bring you comfort at this time. With much love, Leena

We are thanking God for a great friend of many years l- always there for others, ever kind and a wonderful helper in times of need. Thank you, Ron, for all that you meant to us. You will be missed. We send our deepest sympathy to Liz and all the family, praying God's comfort to surround you today and in the times ahead.

I was sad to hear of Ron's passing. I worked in the same area as Ron in the DOT and AMSA for many years from the 70;s. I always found Ron to be helpful, honest, reliable and friendly in his support and advice. He was a fellow worker I held in high esteem and have very fond memories of those days. My thoughts and prayers are with you at this time.

In memory of a wonderful, genuine, loving gentleman.

Condolences to the Saunders family. Ron was a fantastic grand-dad and father-in-law. I have great memories of grand-dad showing the grandkids around the old paddle steamer in Canberra, covered in soot, letting them toss wood into the boiler and watching over them all preventing scalding or worse... My deepest sympathies Adam Perkins

A lovely farewell from a loving and respected family ❤

As a primary school bestie of Kay’s, I remember her dad as unique! Here was a clever professional dad, riding his bike to work, who could also cook and clearly knew all about his kids and their wellbeing! Not so common in the seventies and eighties. His influence shines in Kay and her sisters and beyond. Warm wishes for a loving send off. Love Alicia and family.

Dear Aunty Elizabeth, Anne, Jane, Kay and Ruth, and of course Daryl, Grant and Phil and children - please accept my love and thoughts to you all. Really wish I could be with you all at this sad time. Stephen xxx.

What a truly beautiful service. Thank you for enabling us to share it with you. You should all feel so proud, it was just perfect in every way. With love, Stephen xx.

Dearest Aunty Elizabeth Anne Jane Kay and Ruth Uncle Ron will be missed terribly. I shall never forget him coming to stay when we were little, he was the tallest tanned man I’d ever seen. He unzipped his suitcase and produced a pineapple something we’d never seen or tasted!!! He was always so kind and generous to us, especially when I was a lodger in Canberra in 1990 and to Martin and our friends. Our trips on the steamer watching him bottle his tomatoes so many memories that are dear and will be cherished. Being able to be at our wedding was very special. He was a wonderful wonderful uncle to me. Lots of love to you all. Rachel xxx

Please accept our condolences. Just when we have some joy to look forward to with lifting of restrictions and Christmas no doubt both you and your extended family will miss him very much over the coming weeks and particularly on Christmas Day. Liz, you maybe familiar with the poem by Alfred Lord Tennyson, Crossing the Bar, it is favourite of  the seagoing fraternity. The poem has a tone of finality about it by expressing an extended metaphor to represent travelling serenely and securely from life to death by crossing the sandbar between the tide or river of life with it’s outgoing flood to the ocean that lies beyond death. Sunset and the evening star And one clear call to me And may there be no  moaning of the bar When I put out to sea But such a tide as moving seems asleep Too full for sound and foam When that which drew from out of the boundless deep turns again home Twilight and evening bell and after that the dark And may there be no sadness of farewell when I embark For tho from out our born of time and place The flood may bear me far I hope to see my Pilot, face to face When I have crost the bar.

Dear Auntie Elizabeth, Anne, Jane, Kay and Ruth You and your families have all been in Maura and my thoughts this week and we hope you all have had some rest after the sad news of Uncle Ron’s passing and Monday’s funeral. It was special to be able to share in the celebration of Uncle Ron’s life via the live stream and join with you in real time. I must say I had many a joyous smile while listening to the full breadth and depth of his rich life, especially when comparing to some of the headlines which made their way across the hemispheres over the years. I can remember as a youngster being told that “Uncle Ron in Australia doesn’t stand for any nonsense”. It was clearly around then that he was cutting plugs off warm television sets! I knew that he was baking cookies most Sunday mornings, but Monday’s memories made it feel like he was only a loaf or two short of opening a small bakery. I was always aware that he was a man who took his hobbies and interests seriously and therefore so lovely in the service to be reminded of the professional skill and lifelong love of learning new things that sat behind this. In (relatively) more recent times. I enjoyed the Canberra welcome and hospitality referenced by so many others on two trips to Australia. With both accompanied city tours and road trips, and being pointed in all the right directions to explore. While Uncle Ron’s technical talents and achievements are well beyond me,  I will think of him often as I continue to strive towards domestic resourcefulness! There were two further messages which were of real inspiration for me. An understated man who was able through his actions to make it so clear what was important to him. And of someone who had such depth of passion in their own interests but who was equally able to create so many vivid and treasured shared experiences with others. Our thoughts continue to be with you in the days and months that follow. Thinking of you especially Auntie Liz, and know that you have the best support and care around you. Love and best wishes to you all. Giles

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