Planning a funeral service in Bayswater? Choose Bethel Funerals for helpful guidance and compassion

If you are looking for a funeral home in Bayswater with the expertise and local knowledge to honour your loved one’s legacy, look no further than Bethel Funerals.

After more than two decades of serving your community through care, compassion and understanding, we are proud that thousands of local families continue to trust the team at Bethel with their memories and significant moments.

“The service provided was sensitive and customer focussed. Everything was prompt and clear.

Mal was lovely. All email contact was lovely.”  

Our experienced funeral directors work behind the scenes to make sure the process of arranging your loved one’s life celebration is as simple as possible. We take on all administration regarding official documents etc and liaise with relevant organisations on your behalf. Communication is a particular strength for our close-knit team, so you can be confident that everything will go according to your express wishes. 

“Mum appreciated that we could choose a Christian service; the funeral was just what we wanted.”

You’ll have absolute choice when it comes to making decisions about the style of service you would like to arrange. As a full-service funeral provider, we can accommodate all religious and cultural customs, as well as your family’s unique traditions and values. 

“We love that it’s a NFP (not-for-profit) and that we could donate to a charity of our choice.  I have been recommending you to everyone!”
Anne H

 With Bethel Funerals we find our purpose in creating hope from sadness. As the only not-for-profit funeral provider in Bayswater, we’ve donated over $3.6 million dollars to help communities all over the world through various programs. Knowing that your loved one’s legacy will be more than just memories is often a great comfort for the families we care for.  You’ll also have a choice in where this contribution is directed; whether you prefer mission, humanitarian or community work, you’ll be helping families like yours all around the world.

 Our friendly and professional staff are available 24/7, ready to answer any questions or point you towards our extensive collection of carefully selected resources. From advice on what to wear to a funeral through to understanding children’s grief, we’ll have the right information to guide you.

For compassionate funeral providers in Bayswater who can offer the local knowledge and helpful advice to give you peace of mind and hope for the future, call Bethel Funerals on (03) 9873 8866, or send a message via our contact form.

Planning a funeral service in Bayswater?

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