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Make this Christmas season extra special with your parents and grandparents

Christmas is a very special time to celebrate with our loved ones. Even though we celebrate the joy of giving, the Christmas spirit encourages us to spend quality time with our loved ones, together with good food and company to create lasting memories. Christmas is even a great chance to make parents and grandparents feel loved and honoured. We have put together a range of, gift ideas, celebration ideas and experiences, that you can do with and for, your loved ones this season.

Thoughtful gift ideas for parents & grandparents

Here are some gift ideas to create or purchase for your parents & grandparents this holiday season:

  • Photo album or scrapbook of best memories of the year or past few years, personalised and with stories or notes throughout
  • Happiness Jars are a collection of coupons that offer chores or experiences that grandchildren can give to grandparents. Coupons may include: “Organise to see a movie with Nana” “Help Nana bake a cake” “Draw Nana a picture” “Help Nana with 3x chores of her choice”
  • Personalised treats, such as chocolates, candy or eggnog
  • Scented candles or lotions
  • Bake cookies, cupcakes or Christmas themed treats and with personalised wrapping and decorations
  • Homemade Hamper filled with all their favourite things, for example biscuits, wine, tea, hand cream, perfume, gardening seeds or personalised gardening gloves
  • Stationery personalised or in favourite colours
  • Organise the family tree or their family story to be written by a professional writer
  • Video montage or digital photo album
  • Digitise photos & VHS
  • Reading materials, subscription to favourite magazine, books or a kindle
  • Create playlists either on CDs, set them up with a Spotify account or on their music player
  • Set them online with a Netflix account, Social media accounts or WhatsApp groups with family members to ensure they feel connected
  • Create personalised wallpapers with family photos for computers and phone backgrounds
  • Frame recipes, poems or favourite quotes
  • Make donations in their name in their favourite charity or to create a legacy
Thoughtful gift ideas for parents & grandparents

Thoughtful gift ideas for parents & grandparents. Photo albums, family tree, recipe books, baked treats & plants.

Involve parents & grandparents in preparations

Here are ways you can involve your parents & grandparents in setting up for celebrations during the holiday season:

  • Bake a cake, cookies or main meal with them, instead of making it for them, as it is a great way to spend some quality time together
  • Decorate their Christmas tree or your Christmas tree together, help each other decide on ornaments to place on the tree or set up the lights together
  • Ask them to pass down a tradition, this could be a recipe, a game, a book or a reading
  • Create decorations together, these could be salt dough or paper ornaments for the tree, DIY Christmas crackers, table settings or even greeting cards
  • Ask them to write a Wishlist and fulfil a few of these on Christmas day
  • Ask them to write memories of Christmas when they were children to share on Christmas day
  • Plan the Christmas menu together
  • Perform the family nativity and record the pageant to then gift on Christmas
  • Create DIY advent calendars together that might have treats or ideas for activities in each pocket
Involve parents & grandparents in preparations

Involve parents & grandparents in preparations. Decorate together, bake together and design and set table layout.


Experiences to share

Gifts are a wonderful way to show you care, and so are experiences that allow you opportunities to spend quality time together. Here are our ideas around experiences to share with your parents and grandparents:

  • Make a photo album together
  • Attend a course together. This could be a cooking class, dancing lesson or tai chi course
  • High-tea, take your loved ones out for a delicious high-tea in the city or local café
  • Day-trips or family picnics are a great way to enjoy the outdoors together
  • Take them out for a nice dinner, surprise them with a comfortable restaurant or favourite cuisine
  • Go to a show, or carols together during the holiday season
  • Go Christmas shopping together, this could be food shopping or selecting presents
  • Offer to drive them to friends’ homes for a visit and join for tea
  • Do charity work together. You can donate to charities or visit food halls to contribute to people in need, together
Experiences to share

Experiences to share. Attend a dancing class, high-tea, theatre show or make a photo album together.


Long distance celebration ideas

If you live overseas, interstate or just a far distance from family and you are not spending the day with them, there are a range of celebration ideas that you can do to connect during the holiday season:

  • Create short videos to send on Christmas, these could be of family members recording greetings or children performing carols
  • Create videos leading up to Christmas to involve them in preparations
  • Make and send homemade gifts these could be ornaments or personalised gifts
  • Schedule time for Facetime/Skype calls to be made on Christmas day. Consider time differences and plan ahead, e.g. ensure your technology is charged
  • Send greeting cards, these could be handmade, sent through post or eCards
Long distance celebration ideas

Long distance celebration ideas. Send homemade gifts, schedule skype time, create short videos and send homemade cards.


Ideas for parents in assisted living

Here are some ideas for family members in assisted living that allow Christmas to still be festive, fun and meaningful, while embracing new traditions.

  • Decorate their room together, by bringing a small tree, ornaments, tinsel and a wreath. Ask what colour combination is their favourite or surprise them with yours
  • Help them purchase gifts, by writing a Wishlist together and fulfilling the shopping
  • Arrange visiting times for family to open gifts together
  • Accompany them to a Christmas meal
  • Watch a Holiday themed movie together, bring popcorn or holiday treats
  • Work on a holiday themed puzzle or craft
  • Bring carols to them through their grandchildren performing in person or through video recording

There are so many ways to honour and care for your elderly loved ones all throughout the year, and Christmas is an important time to be present with your loved ones.

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