Attending a funeral? (In person or online)


Wicker Coffins and Caskets

What is the difference between a Casket and Coffin? The answer is in the design. While a Casket is rectangular with a hinged lid, a Coffin is a hexagonal shape with wide shoulders. Caskets are more comfortably lined inside with padded mattresses and pillows, Coffins have a simpler interior. When planning a funeral, Coffins or Caskets are regarded as an important tribute to a loved one, as they play the role of holding the body as well as providing a way to honour and celebrate the life of the lost. The material used also plays a role in honouring your loved one, for example a wicker casket can be used for someone who lived a sustainable and eco-conscious life.

Range of Wicker Coffins

We offer a wide selection of caskets and coffins for sale in different materials such as wicker, suitable for all types of budgets and styles. Explore the range below of Eco-friendly Coffins and Caskets.