Attending a funeral? (In person or online)

Funeral Etiquette

What do you wear to a funeral? Should you attend a funeral? Where should you sit at a funeral? There are so many questions that come with funerals, and through our collection of resources we provide the answers so you don’t let the fear of the unknown stop you from attending a funeral service.

Etiquette at a Funeral

Today, funerals range from traditional to informal but a few thoughts around etiquette have remained the same. For example, unless the obituary states that a funeral is a private service you should feel welcome to go. Arrive early to avoid delaying the service or trying to find a seat after the ceremony has begun. Turn mobile phones off and resist chatting to those beside you at inappropriate times. Don’t feel guilty if you are crying at a funeral, crying is healthy and those around you will be supportive. For more information explore our resources below.

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Etiquette at a funeral

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