Attending a funeral? (In person or online)

Eulogy and remembrance

We want to remember those who we have loved and lost, not just for the person that they were but also for ourselves, to heal and live but never forget. Explore our range of resources around funeral remembrance ideas to help begin the healing process.

Importance of Remembrance

We understand the importance of remembrance and the benefits that come with putting the memory of a loved one into words. Most importantly, it allows us to acknowledge the death and deal with the emotions that are brought with it, sometimes resulting in new-found meaning in life. Remembering our loved ones through poems, verses, eulogies, photos, drawings or conversations enables us to honour our loved ones and continue living our lives in meaningful ways.

Watch how to write a eulogy

Public speaking can be challenging at the best of times, and perhaps even more so at a funeral. If you are preparing a eulogy, but you are unsure of where to begin, watch our helpful video.

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