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Our purpose

We provide experienced and compassionate care for families like yours, and fund organisations that make life better for people in need. Take a moment to learn about who we are and how we can support you.
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* As of 31 Dec 2023. These figures are combined statistics from the Word Investments Limited group.

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The Bethel Funerals’ difference

Bethel Funerals is an independent, Australian not-for-profit funeral home, built on the Christian principles of love and compassion. We seek to bring peace into the hearts of the families we minister to, and hope and practical support to those experiencing hardship.

For this reason, we give away our surplus funds to support Christian mission, humanitarian and community work. By choosing Bethel to help your family, you’re also helping to spread hope and make a lasting difference for families in need.

What does it mean to be not for profit?

Being a not-for-profit company means we give away our surplus funds. Much more than just a donation here or there, our organisation is built around a sustained commitment to giving. We distribute funds every quarter of every year. Our giving is a core part of who we are and why we’re here.

We support Christian mission organisations which implement health, literacy and Bible translation. We join forces with accredited humanitarian aid agencies to help improve the quality of child education and the health and wellbeing of families in need. In our local communities, we contribute to programs that provide meals, coaching, counselling and support to disadvantaged groups.

Our Christian faith underpins what we do

We’re a Christian organisation, seeking to provide Christ-like care to those around us. Our faith is a key part of who we are as individuals and as an organisation, and is what inspires our care for families and our commitment to making a difference through our giving.  

We are not affiliated with any one Christian denomination and our people attend a range of different types of churches. We are, of course, happy to conduct funerals for people from other faith backgrounds – or with no faith at all. 

We will support you and your family from the moment we meet you, through to the day of the funeral and after too. We have a dedicated pastoral care team to provide additional care and support, if needed.

Join us in giving hope

We support many incredible initiatives that are changing lives across Australia and around the world. Our surplus funds are used to support Australian charities- some who work close to home and some who also extend their impact internationally. The impact can range from providing hot meals to the homeless in Melbourne, to supporting health initiatives in Brisbane, to literacy programs in South Asia and supporting safe spaces for trafficked girls in Cambodia – and much more!

We invite families to join our mission through our Leave a Legacy program. You chose the charity – we’ll make a donation on your behalf. We have a range of charities covering mission, humanitarian and local community needs. All of them allow a gift on behalf of your loved one to leave behind a life-changing and hope-filled legacy!

We care and we’re here to help

Speak to us about arranging a funeral now.

1300 881 473

We care and we’re here to help

Speak to us about arranging a funeral now.

1300 881 473