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Expression Coffins

Personalised Coffins and Caskets

Who said a coffin had to be brown, plain and traditional? If that’s not who your loved one was then find something that will better suit them and capture their spirit. Explore the range of Expression personalised coffins, featuring photography and themes which reflect a life well lived. With our Expression range you can be as creative as you wish, choose from some of the featured themes or provide your own photos to full customise the coffin.

How creative can we be with our Expression Coffin design?

Families love the Expression Coffins range as it creates such an amazing focal point of the Funeral Service. We often see family and friends gathering right around the coffin to look at the design and even take photos with it. Chances are there’s already a design that is going to suit perfectly.

Click here to have a look right through the range of designs already in the catalogue: Expression Coffins Range

If you’re wanting to be even more creative you can fully design your own coffin and view what it will look like: Design Your Own Expression Coffin

How are Coffins different to Caskets?

A common question asked when planning a funeral is, what is the difference between a Casket and Coffin? The answer is in the design. While a Casket is rectangular with a hinged lid, a Coffin is a hexagonal shape with wide shoulders. Caskets are more comfortably lined inside with padded mattresses and pillows, while Coffins have a simpler interior. They both represent an important tribute to a loved one, as they play the practical role of holding the body as well as providing a way to honour and celebrate the life of the lost.