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Picture Frames

Picture Frame Urns

The question of what to do with the ashes often occurs when a loved one has been cremated. An urn, whether temporary or permanent, is always used as they house the ashes of a loved one after cremation. You may wish to purchase an Urn if the ashes are to be placed within a columbarium or you wish to keep at home as a memorial for a loved one.

Select a Picture Frame Cremation Urn

Our range of picture frame urns are perfect to put on display and include photos of your loved one. This beautiful tribute and reminder is a style or urn which may suit you, your loved one and your home. Whether you want to place your urn on display or have something more subtle and discreet, there is sure to be something suitable within our range. Have a look through the different styles, materials and sizes all of which are created to the highest standards.