8 mistakes to avoid when leading a funeral

Leading a funeral requires compassion and sensitivity towards a grieving family, their friends and parishioners. Everyone is preparing to say goodbye to a loved one, so the person guiding a funeral has an incredibly important role. The involvement of clergy or a celebrant may vary based on the wishes of the family, however the general […]

Meeting the family before leading a funeral

Families look to a funeral service to say goodbye to their loved one and celebrate the life they knew and loved. With the heaviness of grief throughout the planning stages of a Funeral, Clergy, celebrants and funeral directors can help families to find comfort and hope. Through good communication, balancing needs with space and assistance, […]

5 resources to share with families experiencing grief

As Clergy or a Celebrant, when someone passes away, you are required to shift focus away from your day-to-day to support a grieving family. This may cause added pressures to an already full workload, however with these various resources, we hope to help you navigate this time with a bit more ease while still fully […]