Cremation Urn Catalogue

How much does cremation cost?

Although the process of cremation may be more affordable than a traditional burial, there are other costs to consider that may be paired with cremation.

The History of Cremation

The first known method of cremation is as early as 8000B.C. and today, cremation is practiced in at least 31 countries around the world.

The Cremation Process [Infographic]

Despite the practice of cremation being around for over 2,000 years, there is still some mystery surrounding the process. We have demystified the cremation process through an infographic and commonly asked questions.

Scattering Ashes: Everything you need to know

Scattering ashes is one method for many families that suit their situation, honours their loved one and befits how they would like to remember them.

Cremation Jewellery and Memorial Pieces for Ashes

Memorial urns, decorative blown glass vases, even pieces of art and jewellery can be used to place your loved ones ashes. Use our guide to help you decide.