Make this Christmas season extra special with your parents and grandparents

Christmas is a great chance to make parents & grandparents feel honoured. Explore our range of gift & celebration ideas to do with your loved ones.

Funeral Etiquette Guide Download

Our complimentary funeral etiquette guide includes helpful answers to the most common questions that come up when needing to attend a funeral.

Watch what to wear to a funeral

We have created a helpful video that guides you through the appropriate clothing choices and ideas for when attending a funeral service.

Watch how to write a condolence message

We have created a helpful video to help when it comes time to write a sympathy card or letter of condolences to a family who is grieving the loss of a loved one.

Answering common funeral etiquette questions

We have created a helpful video to answer common questions around funeral etiquette so the fear of the unknown does not stop you from attending a funeral service.

Funeral Customs: What to expect when attending culturally different funerals

It is important to approach all funeral services with respect, but that doesn’t mean we should feel afraid of doing the wrong thing at a funeral that features customs different to our own.

Funeral Etiquette: Your Questions Answered

We hope our answers to these most commonly asked questions will assist you to feel more comfortable when attending a funeral.

How to Write a Condolence Message

Sending a condolence message is a gentle way to demonstrate your care and support for the bereaved.

What to Wear to A Funeral

We have created this guide to assist you with your decision-making about how to dress for a funeral.