Over the last 22 years, Bethel Funeral in Victoria and Queensland have proudly invested over $3.6M of it’s profits back into Wyliffe’s mission of Bible translation. Our customers appreciate, that when they arrange a funeral with Bethel, they leave a positive legacy for their loved one and create hope from sadness.

Urban Life, Ringwood (Vic)

Hear from Urban Life’s Pastor. Their special focus on those facing, or enduring homelessness, helping with shelter, cooked dinners, shower trucks, support and prayer.

With Bethel’s help, Urban Life can continue to care for the disadvantaged in their community.

SHE Rescue (Cambodia)

Hear from SHE Rescue about how they are a safe haven for girls under 16 who have been trafficked, prostituted or are at risk. 
Bethel are assisting the SHE Rescue Home to provide young girls in Cambodia with a safe and secure environment to be reintegrated back into the community and with family.

Salvation Army, Carrum Downs

Hear from Salvation Army, Carrum Downs staff who run food programs, youth groups and many more inclusive activities in a supportive community space.

Crossway LifeCare

Hear from Crossway LifeCare who focus on families and children in helping to break generational cycles of poverty and hardship throughout the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne.


Hear from Compassion Australia who works to release children in developing countries from poverty.