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Leaving a legacy

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When you are planning a funeral, there are so many things to consider. While it is necessary to focus on the details of the day, it is also important to think about the way your loved one would like to be remembered.

A memorial donation or bequest is a meaningful way to honour your loved one with a legacy that leaves behind more than memories. Gifts in memory can create a legacy that will live on and make a difference for those in need. In some cases, donations or bequests may even be specified in your loved ones will.

You might like to consider the conditions or structure of the giving. For instance, a sum can be gifted for general use, or it may be directed to a specific application. A donation may be available for immediate use, or (particularly if it’s a large amount) it could be drawn down over a period of time. The Will attorney or your trusted accountant will be able to offer more specific advice here.

How to Choose a Legacy

Think about the causes that were important to your loved one. Let your knowledge of their values and interests guide your decision when choosing a donation or bequest in memory to honour them.

There are so many worthy causes that would be assisted by your generosity. We have created a list of organisations working across the many areas of legacy and we hope this might help you as you consider being charitable through the funeral of your loved one.

1) Humanitarian and Social Justice

If your loved one was passionate about defeating poverty and promoting social justice you might like to consider making a memorial donation to an organisation that provides humanitarian aid. Charities working to provide humanitarian assistance include CARE Australia, Save the Children, World Vision Australia, Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders (MSF), Mercy Ships and Opportunity International Australia.

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2) Community Work and Healthcare

Perhaps your loved one cared deeply about those who are disadvantaged in our local communities. Many charities working in the community would be pleased to accept a memorial donation. Consider making contact with your local sporting club or lifesaving society, The Salvation Army, Family Life, Sheltered by Grace, Beyond Blue, MIND or Headspace.

Animal lovers might choose to leave a legacy with a charity supporting animal welfare. The RSPCA, WWF and Guide Dogs Australia all complete work in this area.

If your loved one was affected by illness you might like to consider leaving a legacy to support health and medical research. The Burnett Institute, Cancer Council Australia and SIDS Australia all welcome memorial donations.

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3) Mission Work

There are numerous charities participating in mission work that seek to share the Good News of Jesus. You could discuss leaving a legacy with your local parish church or make contact with a mission charity like Wycliffe Bible translation, Bible Society, CMS, Prison Network Ministries, TEAR Australia and Compassion Child Sponsorship and arrange to leave a gift in memory of your loved one.


Honouring Legacies at Bethel Funerals

In our capacity as a not-for-profit organisation, we have donated more than $5,700,000 to support mission work, humanitarian work and community work across the globe. When you entrust us with a funeral, you will be invited to nominate where a portion of our profits will be invested.

For humanitarian work, Bethel are proud supporters of the projects implemented by the Compassion Child Sponsorship programme. To learn more about their work with children in developing countries, please refer to

In terms of Community work, we are pleased to contribute to community programs that provide meals, coaching, counselling and mentoring support to disadvantaged groups in our local communities. You can find the details of the many local charities we support on the Leaving a Legacy page of our website such as Urban Life Cafe

For Mission work, we support Christian mission organisations in their work to implement health, literacy and Bible translation programs in Australia and overseas.

Through Wycliffe Bible translators we are sponsoring projects which are making a real a difference. To learn more about how our legacy contributions are impacting Wycliffe, please watch this video. Wycliffe Australia

Creating hope out of sadness

Bethel Funerals is built on the principles of Christian love and compassion. Our purpose is twofold; we work to bring hope to the hearts of the families and friends with whom we directly minister and, through the legacy of your loved one, we reach out to make a difference in the lives of those who are enduring hardship.

How will you choose to honour the legacy of your loved one?

Leaving a legacy is a meaningful way to create hope out of sadness. For further reading, and to choose a legacy please refer to the Leaving a Legacy pages of our website.