Prepaid Funerals

Just like writing a will, Bethel Prepaid Funeral Plans help you get things in order, long before it is needed. With Prepaid Funeral Plans, you benefit from having prepaid funeral costs fixed at today’s rates, protecting you and your family from any future increases. Most importantly, you will have peace of mind knowing that your wishes will be thoughtfully carried out and your loved ones won’t need to find money to pay for the service at that time.

Pre-arranged Funeral

Pre-arranged funerals are similar to prepaid funerals, in which you plan the funeral requisites and services for the future, however the payment of the funeral is made once the service is conducted. A way to organise a pre-arranged funeral with us is by filling out your requests in our Personal Profile record.

By choosing us for prepaid funerals or pre-arranged funeral plans, you will not only be looking after your wishes and leaving behind much love and precious memories, but will also be leaving a legacy that will bring hope to the hearts and lives of many other families.

To learn more about our Funeral Plans, use the calculator below or contact us to make an enquiry.

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Pre-Paid Funeral Calculator

20 95
$1,000 $50,000
40 100

My Results

  • No Protection

    One off payment in 44 years **

  • $26,338
  • Insurance Premiums

    Premiums to pay over the next 44 years **

  • $47,340
  • Pre-Paid Funeral

    One off payment today

  • $6,000
**This calculator is to be used as a guide and is not to be substituted for specific financial advice.
The calculation figures are based on averages across the market.

Funeral Plans- Record your preferences with our Personal Profile

Our Personal Profile guide will help you express your preferences about your funeral plan and help ease the burden on your family.

Family discussing funeral plans with elderly loved one

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How to create Prepaid Funeral Plans

No Health Checks or Excessive Paperwork
The process of creating a prepaid funeral plan is quick and simple, with no health checks required or excessive paperwork. Our professional staff are there to walk you through each step and answer any questions to ensure your funeral plan is tailored to your needs and to suit your budget.

At the start of your Prepaid Funeral arrangements, a Funeral Bond will be set aside specifically for your funeral. The payments whether they be instalments or upfront will be deposited into this interest-bearing ‘savings account’. Should there be excess funds when the time comes, that amount will be paid back to your estate. If on the other hand, there is a shortfall, your family will cover the excess. However, you also have the option to ensure that a considerable portion, or the entirety, of your prepaid funeral costs are covered from early on. This will protect your family from the distress of having to produce substantial funds at relatively short notice.

Peace of Mind
Once you have prepaid for your funeral service with Bethel Funerals you can relax, knowing you have really helped to prepare for your family, and have planned a special celebration with all your personal touches.

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Prepaid Funeral FAQs

Where are the prepaid funeral funds held?

Bethel Funerals engages Foresters Friendly Society to hold your prepaid funeral payments in a secure and independent location. All payments made to your Prepaid Funeral Plan are protected by government legislation.

Do Prepaid Funerals Impact Pension Entitlements?

For Centrelink or Veterans’ Affairs pension recipients, a Prepaid Funeral Plans or a Funeral Bond may enable you to maximise your pension entitlement.

 Prepaid Funerals vs. Funeral Insurance?

When it comes to funeral plans, many people choose to prepay for their funeral to cover the cost of their service and let their family know their wishes. Prepaid funerals are viewed as a better option compared to funeral insurance for two main reasons. Firstly, prepaid funerals do not involve fixed or increasing premiums that can even result in people paying more in premiums than the value of the funeral itself. Secondly, with prepaid funerals, you know the exact cost of the funeral service, in today’s prices, with no extra charges to your family if certain services increase in price in the future.

What is a Funeral Bond?

Funeral bonds are managed investments that earn interest. The purpose of funeral bonds is to assist you in saving for funeral expenses as you can only withdraw the funds after your death to pay for your funeral.

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