How to write a eulogy for a sister

Writing a tribute to a sister The death of a sister is often a very sad time. Whether you’ve volunteered to write her eulogy or a family member has coerced you into it, you’ll no doubt want to write a fitting tribute to your sister that captures your fondest memories and highlights the person that […]

How to write a eulogy for a mother

What is a eulogy for mother? A eulogy is a short funeral speech where you share memories and reflect on a person who died. At this sad time of your mother’s death, you might have been asked to write and deliver her eulogy. You’ll want to do your best to write a heartfelt piece that […]

How to write a eulogy for dad

Preparing to write a eulogy for father Eulogies are usually delivered as a short funeral speech of 3 to 5 minutes. The point of a eulogy is not to fit every event of a person’s life into that brief speech. Eulogies are about carefully selecting the significant life events and the memories we want to […]

How to write a eulogy for a brother

About eulogies for brothers It can be daunting to take on the challenge of writing your brother’s eulogy, especially at this emotional time when you’re coming to terms with his death. Perhaps someone in your family asked you to write a eulogy for your brother. Or you might have volunteered to write it yourself. Either […]

Eulogy Planning Guide Download

Our complimentary eulogy planning guide includes a selection of meaningful quotes, poems, prayers and a template that you might like to feature in the eulogy.

Watch how to write a eulogy

Public speaking can be challenging at the best of times, and perhaps even more so at a funeral. If you are preparing a eulogy, but you are unsure of where to begin, watch our helpful video.

Watch how to create a remembrance video

If you are thinking of creating a memorial video for your loved one, but you are unsure of where to begin, watch our helpful video.

How to write a Eulogy

Usually presented during a funeral service, a eulogy is an opportunity to farewell a loved one by sharing stories and reflections in their honour.

How to be Remembered Through a Legacy

Your legacy and the way you are remembered are closely tied. Leaving a financial legacy is a meaningful way to be remembered.

How to create a remembrance video

Funeral tribute videos are a wonderful way to share memories of your loved one with family and friends.

6 Tips for Overcoming Eulogy Writer’s Block

We have compiled this list of our top six tips for overcoming eulogy writer’s block to get you back on track and ready to complete this task.

Readings and Poems for a Funeral Service

There are a multitude of decisions to be made when planning a funeral & eulogy. We have put together this selection of memorial poems and quotes to help families with the task of choosing funeral readings.