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How much does a funeral cost?

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Having a funeral plan saves you more than just money

Most of us remain unaware of funeral costs until the time comes to arrange a funeral for a family member or friend. The cost of a funeral plan will depend on whether you are planning a simple celebration or an elaborate occasion.

According to the financial advisors of ASIC’s Money Smart initiative, funerals in Australia can cost anywhere between $4,000 and $15,000.

Creating a funeral plan: What do I need to pay for?

When arranging a funeral, you will need to budget for a wide range of services and items. The costs associated with a funeral can include payments for:

Funeral plans: Some options to save funeral costs

Burial plans can be a more expensive funeral option. The costs associated with purchasing a casket, a burial plot or vault, headstone or plaque, can all rapidly accumulate.

Choosing cremation over burial plans may be a way to reduce funeral costs. We understand that cultural and religious beliefs will often play a role in your decision when choosing between a cremation or burial plans. Your research will reveal a range of funeral service options to suit every budget.

Floral tributes can become expensive. To save on costs you might like to request that family and friends contribute flowers from their own gardens to feature during the service.

To reduce catering costs perhaps you could invite close friends to bring a cake or slice to share after the service, or at the wake.

Consider your own contacts and networks. Do you know someone who could print the order of service booklets, or someone who can access cost price beverages?

Funeral plans: Are caskets and coffins expensive?

Whether you choose cremation or burial plans, a casket or coffin is required. For many families, the casket or coffin is the single most expensive item purchased as part of a funeral. Some families view the selecting of an appropriate casket or coffin, and the funeral service, as a final gift for their loved one.

There are many styles of caskets and coffins, available in different materials and finishes. As you consider your selection, try to find something that is meaningful such as a timber or colour that may reflect your loved one’s personality. Our range includes eco-friendly, solid timber, custom wood, metal and customisable options suitable for all budgets.

What are prepaid funerals?

Prepaid funeral plans provide a unique opportunity for you to think about how you’d like to be remembered. You can pay the funeral costs in full, or pay regular instalments over time.

Arranging to prepay for a funeral plan grants you a sense of control over your funeral arrangements. It can also greatly help your family, when the time comes, from having to find the funds to cover your service.

Pre-planned funerals allow you to decide on burial or cremation, select a casket that best reflects you, and choose floral arrangements, music and other important elements of the service.

With Bethel Pre-plan Funerals, you will benefit from having all funeral costs fixed at today’s rates, protecting you and your family from any future increases.

If you are unsure of the factors you need to consider when calculating the cost of a funeral, please consult our Funeral Planning Guide. It is the best place to find the practical advice you need to get your funeral planning started.

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