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Searching for a funeral home in Carrum? Choose Bethel Funerals for kindness and compassionate care

After 22 years serving as one of the leading funeral homes in Carrum, you can trust that we have the expertise and local knowledge to help you arrange a life celebration that will truly honour your loved one’s memory and ties with their wider community.

“My family & I felt that nothing was lacking in the services provided by Bethel funerals. Everything was exceptional from the planning, to the setup of the chapel, the conduct of the service & the warmth, care & concern of the staff.”

Graham C

We’ll demonstrate care and compassion as we guide your family through each step of arranging your funeral service. Losing a loved one often leaves you trying to manage a to-do list of unknown processes and tasks. That’s why we take on many of the official administrative duties, liaising with relevant organisations so that you can concentrate on arranging your loved one’s life celebration.

“Sharyn was on top of everything we needed. She made great suggestions, 
she prayed with us and was very mindful of what we needed and supplied them without fuss.

A great deal of compassion was shown.”

Heather V

We’ve helped thousands of families from all backgrounds arrange every style of life celebration, from the traditional to the personalised. Our network of local suppliers and contacts means we can accommodate your special requests. We understand that including significant rituals and customs often helps bring that all-important sense of hope and togetherness that will comfort you the most as you begin your grief journey.

As the only not-for-profit funeral home in Carrum, we are proud supporters of Christian mission, humanitarian and community work, contributing over 3.6 million dollars to various programs worldwide. The families we’ve worked with appreciate having a choice of causes to support. We often hear that knowing their loved one’s legacy will be more than just memories helped to create a sense of peace and hope from their sadness.

 Friendly, respectful and professional, our staff are always on hand to offer helpful advice and guidance as you make your preparations. Our wealth of experience has helped us curate a library of resources; you’ll find information on everything from keeping your loved ones close with cremation and memorial jewellery through to choosing funeral music.

For compassionate funeral providers in Carrum who can offer the local knowledge and helpful advice to give you peace of mind and hope for the future, call Bethel Funerals on (03) 8787 7255, or send a message via our contact form.

Phone: 03 8787 7255
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