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Planning a funeral service in Frankston? Let Bethel Funerals care for you and your family

During times of grief and loss, staying close to home can bring a real sense of familiarity and comfort. After 22 years providing funeral services to the Frankston community, we are proud that thousands of families, just like yours, continue to trust Bethel with their memories and significant moments as they set out on their grief journey.

“Samantha was loving and caring over this period, giving the family time to respond to questions and needs and we will be forever grateful to her.”

At Bethel, we understand that what your family needs most at this emotional time is time and sensitivity. We’ll be a respectful, yet unobtrusive presence, standing by to guide you step by step through the funeral planning process as needed. We take on organising as much of the official side of proceedings, liaising with relevant organisations on your behalf. This means you and your family can focus on creating a celebration of life that honours your loved one’s legacy.

“We are all very happy and grateful for all that you did in every way for our beautiful Lisa. God bless you greatly in your work at a very vulnerable time for families in the loss of dear ones.”

Cynthia J

 When it comes to fulfilling your family’s requests and last wishes, ‘nothing is too much trouble’ is our creed. As experienced funeral directors, we can help you with anything you may require, from suggesting creative ideas for the service through to sourcing specialist items. We find our purpose in making your memorial extra special.

As a leading funeral home in Frankston, our team of caring and compassionate staff will make themselves available at any time to answer any questions and offer a truly personal level of care. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer a wealth of carefully curated resources to assist you in planning your memorial service. Our helpful advice covers everything from overcoming eulogy writer’s block through to what to expect after the service is over. Our Pastoral care team ensures that you continue to feel supported long after the memorial itself, offering kindness, empathy, hope and prayer.

For compassionate funeral providers in Frankston who can offer the local knowledge and helpful advice to give you peace of mind and hope for the future, call Bethel Funerals on (03) 9873 8866, or send a message via our contact form.

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